Tips for Finding The Best Oral Surgeon

Finding the best oral surgeon can be an intriguing task, as there are scores of questions that needs satisfactory answers in order to take an informed decision. First of all we should know about oral surgeons about their duties.

Oral surgeon

What does an oral surgeon do?

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is a surgical specialty that is recognized internationally and surgeons specialized in this field of oral hygiene are adept to treating various dental diseases which include defects and injuries to the head, face, neck, jaws, soft tissues of the mouth and any disorder in the regions of the face and jaws.

Some of the procedures that are performed by an oral surgeon include:

  • Orthognathic Surgery which involves realignment of the jaws.
  • Repairing birth defects of children having palette and cleft lip through a series of surgeries.
  • Removal of broken teeth which are hard to remove.
  • Dental implants
  • Facial reconstruction, which involves reconstruction of the face and mouth damaged by an accident.
  • Treating oral cancer, which includes biopsies of tissues.
  • Removing benign cysts and tumors.

What should you look for when finding the best oral surgeon?

There are many factors which should be considered while finding the best dentist Berlin and oral surgeon. Oral surgeons can be your partners for a long period of time and hence it is important to be comfortable with the surgeon so that the treatment is carried out flawlessly and meets your specific needs. Here are some tips which can help you find the best oral surgeon for treating your oral and maxillofacial disorders.

  • Convenience to schedule – Finding out whether it is convenient in schedule is important, as you have to consider the timings of his/her availability.
  • Location of the clinic- Finding out whether the clinic is on the way to your workplace from home.
  • Checking the profile- You can check the profile of the oral surgeon on education and training received in oral care.
  • Activities- You should also consider the activities of the oral surgeon on attending workshops, conferences and seminars on oral hygiene.
  • Arrangement for emergencies- Inquiring about what arrangements are there in case of emergencies in case of any requirement outside the office hours, especially at night. Find out whether there is any partnership with other surgeons or can provide referral services.
  • Type of Anesthesia- Have a discussion with the oral surgeon on the procedure to be adopted for the treatment and the type of anesthesia to be administered. Find out if you will feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Participating in dental health plan- You should find out whether the oral surgeon you are thinking of choosing participates in your health plan for dental check ups.
  • Information- Gather all information about the fees and the nature of preoperative diagnosis, for instance X Rays, cleaning, filling etc. Compare the estimate with others in the niche and take decision.
  • Office ambience- See whether the office ambience is good or not. Find out whether it is clean and hygienically maintained.
  • Equipments- This is an important issue to find out whether the equipments being used are sophisticated or conventional.

Sources from where you can find these

It is not possible to go rounds visiting oral surgeons and inquiring about the points to be considered before finding the best oral surgeon. The sources from where you can gather such information include:

  1. Friend/relative/colleague- any of your friends, relatives or colleagues can refer an oral surgeon known to him/her or have undergone treatment from the surgeon and have received expected results.
  2. Searching the internet- You can search the internet to find the portfolio and credentials of oral surgeons performing the nature of surgery that you require. You can go through blog posts to find out which oral surgeon could be better suited for your oral needs.
  3. Recommendation from your house physician- You can ask your house physician for recommending an oral surgeon known to him/her.

The final stage of finding the best oral surgeon for your specific needs will be to short list the surgeons whom you think can suit you better. You can schedule an appointment for consultation with each of them before taking the final decision. This will help you in taking an informed decision. May be it will take some time, but it would not be wise to be hasty.

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