What Are The Different Types Of Teeth Whitening Methods?​

Brightening the smile is more easy and exciting than visiting a dentist for the whitening treatment to be free from stains. Tooth whitening, also recognized as tooth bleaching is the process where the teeth is lightened to remove the discoloration and stains without any pain.

teeth whitening process

Basically, whitening is the most popular process in cosmetic dental practice as it improves the look of the teeth and enhances smile. It is not a one-time method as it needs to be done again and again from time to time in order to brighten the teeth.

Teeth whitening process is best for those who have un-restored and healthy gums and teeth and those who have yellow tones to get removed with the right process.

Types of teeth whitening process

1- Whitening toothpaste

Every toothpaste removes the stains on the surface of teeth as it contain mild abrasives where as some tooth paste has gentle polishing and chemical agents to remove the additional stains in an effective way. The paste that removes the stains does not contain bleach for which there arises the need to go for the professional whitening services and products which contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide that helps in lightening the tooth color deeply.

2- Whitening Gels

In case of teeth whitening gels and strips, gels are clear and peroxide based gels that are applied in a small quantity with a brush to the surface of the teeth directly. Follow the instructions that are based upon the strength of the peroxide in the product for careful use. Observe the initial results in a few days that are best when compared to the stained teeth last month.

3- Whitening strips

Whitening strips are virtually thin and in the invisible strips coated with peroxide based whitening gel to show results in a few days. The strips are applied to the teeth twice everyday for 14- 30days. In case of results, they are before you within 2 weeks to observe the changes and enhance smile on the charming face.

4- Whitening Rinses

Among all the newest teeth whitening products available in the market, whitening rinses are the best choice to follow. It refreshes breathe and reduces the gum diseases and dental plaque. As these products contain the ingredients like hydrogen peroxide that whiten the teeth, the results are observed in a few weeks.

5- Tray-based tooth whiteners

These whitening systems purchased from a dentist or over the counter involve the process of filling the mouth guard like tray with a gel-whitening solution. It contains a peroxide tooth bleaching agent and the tray is worn for a certain period of time like a couple of hours in a day or during the night for 4 weeks or more than it based upon the discoloration of the teeth.

6- In-office whitening process

This process provides the fastest way to whiten your teeth as the whitening products is directly applied to the teeth. It can be used in combination with heat, a laser or a special light. Results are observed in 30 to 60 minutes, but to achieve spectacular results, several appointments with the dentist are required which is the most expensive approach.

Check the advanced and new teeth whitening process and go with it to achieve quick results and good breath.

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