Brighter Image Lab: Offering Magnificent Smiles

Brighter Image Lab believes in the fact that everyone deserves a beautiful and sparkling smile. It created the industry first lab to offer a beautiful smile solution. Being in the business since 1997, the lab is based on Texas, Fort Worth and has more than 3, 00,000 clients across the globe. By using the state-of-the-art technology, the lab assists the clients in improving the smiles with the removable dental veneer.

The lab makes custom veneers to fit the needs of the clients. Hence, the lab is gaining so much popularity and is becoming the first choice of the clients. Perhaps, Brighter Image Lab is the fantastic alternative for the dentist and in fact it is much better.

The charges are extremely affordable and in usual cases the dentist charges 3-4 times more. The Press on Veneers by Brighter image Lab is without the dentist visit and there is no need for X-Rays. The patients incur no pain on the teeth and there is also no grinding. Now you may improve your smile without any need to fix up the tooth.


Change your smiles!

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful smile to impress the onlookers. Visiting a dentist and getting the dental treatment plan is very expensive. Much to the dismay, those patients just fold up the plan and decide to continue with the same kind of smile. Press On Veneer is becoming a viable solution under such situations since it follows the ‘Lab Direct Process’. One can improve on the smile with Brighter Image Lab.

A review on the US dental health!

Latest studies and surveys suggest that a lot many people in America have poor dental health. Having bad smiles, the health of the individuals gets impacted and they fail to create an impression on others. This is causing a serious dent to the professional life. People are now looking much beyond the dental industry and do not simply rely on the dentist since they know that the high cost of treatment is associated with the advancement of the dental issues. Dental implants, dentures and the veneers are the Cadillac of the industry and so people do not look for the Cadillac.

Patients look for affordable solution when it comes to restoring back the smile. The ‘No Dentist’ smile makeover brought up by the Brighter Image Lab is an instant hit. The ‘lab direct’ ingenuity gives rise to the “No dentist” solution and in fact puts the client in the driver’s seat. The dental lab in the Texas region has conducted 6500 dental veneers and improved the smiles.


The main purpose of Press On Veneers!

Press on Veneers is developed as the cosmetic contrivance. The main purpose here is to enhance the person’s smile or appearance. If you have chipped, missing or broken teeth, the veneer will do the necessary replacement. The Brighter Image Lab is full of professionals who do not intend to change the actual teeth. The lab professionals claim to offer cost effective choice for the clients who want a competitive pricing for the veneers.

The procedure can amazingly redesign, straighten the looks and appeal of the teeth. So, if you have gapped teeth, chipped, broken, misaligned or crooked tooth, they can also be done away with the Press on veneers.

The potential Market!

Well the potential market of the Brighter Image Lab is those who have bad teeth and is embarrassed with the smile. Anyone looking to better the smile but do not wish to spend too much can take the help of the lab. It is great to watch how even the dentists are recommending the lab since the cost of treatment is very less. So the treatment is something like ‘No Dentist and a complete Smile Makeover’.


The aim!

Brighter Image Lab did not aim at challenging the dental industry but then it saw the clients struggling severely due to dental ailments. It is great to see how the Brighter Lab has accumulated so many customers, marketing the removable dental veneers as the Press On Veneer.

The lab is hence the alternative cost effective treatment choice for those who cannot spend too much on the veneers. It is the pain free, cost effective and a non-dental alternative. The lab professionals at Brighter Image Lab are sure to offer you beautiful smiles.

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