What is Teeth Whitening?

Often seen, people concentrate a lot on how he or she appears. The skin, proper lips, eyebrows and cleanliness are some factors that a person takes care about almost every day. It mostly happens that a person’s look changes due to his or her teeth condition.

If a woman is looking very beautiful but the teeth is yellowish in color or a man is looking handsome but as he smiles or laughs, his teeth appears dirty due to the lining that is caused due to the intake of tea and coffee or smoking, the entire impression of the person goes for a toss.

Teeth Whitening

Hence, it is important to keep the teeth clean and in proper white color to enhance the person’s look. Often people feel ashamed of laughing out loud or even smile as the teeth is yellowish in color and it turns people off. Hence, getting the right teeth color is necessary for feeling confident.

A lot of teeth whitening products have been introduced in the market. But in order to make proper use of these products, one must first know about what is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a method by which a person’s teeth is cleared thoroughly and is given the actual white color that human teeth must possess. It is basically done in two ways depending upon the nature of the teeth. A person with root canal does not have live nerves and hence they are given a non- vital whitening treatment.

People who have live nerves are treated with vital whitening. Though there is an entire list of products that are available in the market for teeth whitening, it is recommended that pone must visit the dentist to get it done in a proper and secure way.

The upper layer of the teeth called enamel is treated in this process. First the dentist applies a shield to protect the gums from the treatment and then applies a gel that covers the teeth. Then a laser is given to the gel so that it works fast and does the whitening.

The process takes a maximum of 1.5 hours and it is done in 1-3 appointments depending upon the treatment that is being followed and of course upon the condition of the client’s teeth. It sometimes also depends upon the shade of whiteness that the client demands to have.

In general teeth whitening is a dentistry process which is performed by a professional dentist or under his/her supervision. Teeth whitening make the smile even more powerful and glamorous.

And if you lack the confidence in you due to the discolored teeth, we at onteethwhitening.org recommend checking with your dentist to get the help as soon as possible. We also suggest checking out our Shop Here where you can easily find some of the top teeth whitening products that can help.

You can use these DIY teeth whitening products after getting the advice of your dentist to whiten your teeth at home easily without any hassle. We are sure that you will love the bright 🙂 you will get achieving with these.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

In a layman’s term, teeth whitening service is basically of two types; in-office treatment and home kit. Well, it is inevitable that in-office whitening treatment will cost you a lot of money. As dentists are working on your teeth using tools and equipment, therefore; they will charge you for that too.

However, if you have limited budget plans, then home teeth whitening kit is the best alternative. But, before you choose any of the kits, you must check out the ingredients. The one with high bleaching content is not a good option.

The final cost will vary, depending on the place, whitening agent you choose and duration of your treatment. The OTC treatments primarily range between $5 and $50. It’s better to avoid the cheap ones, as those are least effective and with dangerous peroxide levels.

On the other hand, the take-home treatments will be a little bit expensive, somewhat around $200 and $400. The final amount incorporates cost of whitening gel and trays. For longer treatment, the cost will score high.

In case of in-office treatment, the amount can be anywhere from $300 to $1000. Depending on the sessions you have taken along with the treatment procedure, the final amount will vary. Moreover, if you choose any contemporary treatment like laser whitening, it will be expensive of all.

You might come across various brands offering kits with more or less same price. You can compare between different medical centers and teeth whitening kits before investing in any particular service or product.

How Safe Is It To Use Home Teeth Whitening Kit?

Oh well, those yellow stained teeth are enough to demoralize your self-confidence. Simply brushing and flossing twice daily will not work in your favor. Therefore, majority of people are currently obsessed with teeth whitening techniques. In-office teeth whitening services are pretty expensive.

Those people with tight budget want to try their hands in home teeth whitening kits. But, how effective and safe is it? You cannot always rely on OTC kits, as those contain bleaching. It is enough to hamper the outer enamel of your teeth. Therefore, consulting a dentist is mandatory.

The home teeth whitening kit is only safe when procured from registered medical centers, otherwise not. Here, the dentist will first check your teeth thoroughly. After that, they will take a sample of your enamel and use it for creating teeth whitening kit.

Each kit is unique and different from others. However, it is always advisable to go for an in-office teeth whitening session first. It is hard to get the equipment and tools, at home. After visiting the dentist once and get your teeth whitened, you can use the kit at home, without any secondary help.

Each teeth whitening kit has a separate expiry date, and you must use it before that. The same rule goes with over the counter kits, too. In case, you end up using the kit after it expires, then it will stain your teeth more, and hamper your enamel. These kits are fr better when compared to teeth whitening toothpaste, but only under strict supervision.

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Pro Glow: Best teeth whitening products that work fast

If you want to know the options of teeth whitening, and which are the most effective ones, here are some teeth whitening products that could help you in taking an informed decision. These products are available over the counter, which are of industry and health standard and can whiten the teeth both from inside and outside.

Among the instant teeth whitening products, the Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Premium Kit by Pro Glow is effective for reducing the stain marks arising out of smoking, drinking coffee and for other reasons, leaving your teeth bright and sparkling.

The tooth whitening accelerator is also a quality product that can help remove even the most stubborn stains. This product is designed with a LED Light and Rubber Caps and delivers professional results in teeth whitening at home. It helps to leave the teeth, glossy and smooth.

Among the range of options for at home treatment for teeth whitening, the Pro Glow Advanced Toothpaste for Teeth Whitening is a tested product, which helps to restore the whiteness of the teeth and provides you confidence in smiling.

The Pro Glow Plus White 5 minute speed whitening gel takes only 5 minutes to whiten the teeth and the results begin to show on the first application. This product is gentle, enamel-friendly and effective. It has a full coverage whitening system and is one of the most popular teeth whitening system.

The herbal contents of this product make it more wanted. The Dental Teeth Whitening Kit is another high quality product, which contains Carbamide Peroxide, a good bleaching agent, which has no side effect and gives results that are long lasting.

For sensitive teeth, there is the Whitening Toothpaste. The features of this toothpaste include, providing relief to sensitivity and teeth whitening after only a few applications. It has ingredients such as Hydrogen Peroxide, carbamide peroxide, sodium hydroxide and sodium fluoride, which are good teeth whitening agents because of their immense power for bleaching.

The Cleaning Strip and Teeth Whitening Unit by Pro Glow is yet another teeth whitening product, which helps to remove external stains and plaque from the teeth, and is proven to be goo9d also for children. The Teeth Whitening Gel Pen is also an instant teeth whitening agent, which can be applied ad left for 15 to 20 minutes to get instant results.

All these teeth whitening products by Pro Glow are easily available in the market at sites such as ebeautybox.com. So why wait even a day before you get your teeth whitened in a matter of minutes.

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Best Teeth Whitening Strips: Does It Really Work?

Have that certain someone you would like to impress on your first meet? Feeling a little daunted by the “First impression is the last impression” phrase? You’ve probably cleaned yourself up and come across your stained teeth as a cause for concern.

Frantic search results on the internet show multitudes of options ranging from laser teeth whitening procedures at the local Dentist’s offices to the do it at home products. And we’re here to shed a little light on one such a popular “do-it-at-home” teeth whitening product known as the Teeth Whitening Strips and how they work.

What Are Teeth Whitening Strips?

Teeth Whitening strips are as the name suggests small and flexible strips, with teeth whitening bleach on one side. There are basically two types of such strips, one being strips which are to be removed after the recommended time of treatment, and one which dissolves by itself after the treatment period.

With both products promising improvements up to three shades whiter. The strips are placed on the teeth as is instructed by the manufacturer and left for the requisite amount of time before removal/dissolving with respect to the brand and type of strip used. Economically priced at anywhere between 15 to 30 dollars, the whitening treatment is reviewed by numerous consumers to last up to a period of 4 to 6 months.

Does It Really Work?

Teeth Whitening Strips are generally polyethylene strips and its whitening capability of these strips can be accounted to its key ingredient, the Peroxide based bleaching agent. The peroxide effectively oxidizes itself into water and atomic oxygen. The atomized oxygen penetrates through the pores of the enamel and breaks apart the stains over a period of time to give you the pearly white chompers you desire.

And so, the amount of peroxide in the strips, practically determine the overall teeth whitening effectiveness of the product. The strips are applied on the upper set of teeth and lower set separately and left on for a particular period of time as is recommended by the manufacturer, which usually comes around to an average of 20 minutes repeated twice a day for an utmost week or two.

Teeth Whitening Strips: Pros and Cons

The teeth whitening strips are do-it-yourself products, well known for its quick benefits, ease of use, economic pricing and mainly avoiding any inconveniences like making a doctor’s appointment or using mouthpieces. Their ease of use and near invisibility is yet another point which has to be stressed upon being that, it can be used and still avoid any awkward tensions if a guest suddenly drops by.

Their ease of availability as an over the counter product or through shopping online has also had a major role to play in its familiarity with the general populace, among whom, looks form an important factor for life.

And as for the cons; as is with use of peroxide, some side effects and discomfiture can be expected which could include increased sensitivity of teeth and possible gum irritation. Although these can be rid off with the decreased usage of the teeth whitening strips or use of a quality, restorative toothpaste.

How To Get The Most Out Of Teeth Whitening Strips?

With issues like increased sensitivity and gum irritation if used on a regular basis, the possibility of such issues can be reduced by using the strips every alternate day. Brushing teeth regularly using a high quality whitening toothpaste or quality restorative toothpaste (in case of sensitive teeth problems) in conjunction with the strips could help achieve optimum results, with improvements up to three shades whiter.

Safely placing the strips away from the gums can greatly help avoid any gum irritation issues in the future. Even so, stains caused by tetracycline, which cause teeth to have a gray shade, prove to become much more difficult to whiten than yellow stains caused by food.

How To Choose The Best Teeth Whitening Strips?

Rather buying an over the counter teeth whitening strip product, it is recommended to research and review products online before making a purchase so as to avoid any misfortunes after making the purchase. Key points in the selection of a teeth whitening strip product being, checking for a reputable manufacturer and an ADA approval for a safe and effective product. It is especially important to approach the treatment process with mild expectations.

Teeth Whitening strips are thus, a hassle-free do-it-at-home product with fairly quick and effective results which lasts for a period of four to six months after which the process can be repeated yet again. Economically priced at an average of 20 dollars, the strips have successfully helped achieve whiter teeth without the costly affair of a professional teeth whitening session at a dentist’s or to endure the inconveniences of a whitening tray.

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5 Finest Teeth Whitening Gel Of All Time

People are born with natural white teeth, but it’s hard to maintain its glow for long. With growing age, people are addicted to beverages, like tea, coffee, and alcohol. Even the non-alcoholic mock tails are extremely bad for your teeth’s enamel. With every sip you take, a fine yellow stained layer encompasses your whiter enamel. And mere brushing twice daily or flossing cannot work hard enough to get rid of that yellow stain.

So, you are bound to visit a reputed dentist at ever regular interval. However, there are some amazingly constructed teeth whitening gels available these days. Such products are used to break down the yellow stain molecules and offer you with white and perfectly sparkling teeth.

1- Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel

At present, it’s hard to find toothpaste without hydrogen peroxide as its main ingredient. Perfect chemical for whiter teeth, hydrogen peroxide is not just used in toothpastes but also for creating some amazing teeth whitening gel.  Sometimes, you might get to use carbamide peroxide, which is made from hydrogen peroxide only. Only a urea molecule is added to it, resulting in carbamide. Also, 12% of hydrogen peroxide is equivalent to 36% of carbamide peroxide. It is enough to prove the importance of this chemical for whitening your teeth. This whitening gel will offer less gum irritation and offer quite the best result, you have been waiting for.

2- Opalescence teeth whitening gel

If you are not keen in using hydrogen peroxide, you might want to use Opalescence teeth whitening gel for a change. It helps in boosting your confidence by offering you with brilliant and stunning white smile. Now, this teeth whitening brand is offering solutions in various means. Starting from toothpaste to tooth whitening systems, there are loads of options available. You can even use the in-office method available. However, after going through initial stages, make sure to use the Opalescence gel toothpaste, as a perfect aftercare routine.

3- Colgate teeth whitening gel

Clinically proven to be the best teeth whitening gel of all times, Colgate teeth whitening gel is here for offering patients with high-impact whitening. The Optic White gel is the finest in-home kit, for a safe, fast and effective result. The services are currently formulated with the help of fluoride and potassium nitrate in quality amount. Furthermore, the services are available in 7% and 9% of hydrogen peroxide feature. After using this product, you will surely enjoy dramatically whiter teeth within a span of 3 days. This is a fast and effective form of teeth whitening mechanism. And the best part is that you can use the gel right at your home, and without any expert guidance. It is an easy method with once-a-day wear time.

4- 22% teeth whitening gel

Whenever you are looking for tooth whitening gel, make sure to go for the one with 22% of carbamide peroxide. It is the finest mixture of hydrogen peroxide with urea molecule. It is less harsh on teeth and gums, and provide the finest whitish natural look of your teeth. Sometimes, due to root canals, some patients might be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Using any form of teeth whitening gel during such instances can be crucial for your oral health. However, this is not the case with 22% teeth whitening gel. Here, carbamide peroxide can work wonder for your teeth, even when you are suffering from tooth sensitivity.

5- 35% teeth whitening gel

The term, 35% teeth whitening gel is mainly used for referring to Opalescent mint teeth whitening gel. It comprises of a new formula, used for reducing sensitivity in your teeth. It helps in enriching shelf life for a maximum of 18 months. 35% teeth whitening gel is a perfect amalgamation of potassium nitrate, peroxide, and fluoride. The package comes in a separate syringe. Each syringe comprises of 1.2ml of whitening gel, with dispensing tip.

If you want to use the finest teeth whitening gel, make sure to contact a dentist first. The dentist will first check the present scenario of your yellow-stained teeth. After that, they would like to present you with finest in-home teeth whitening kit. Following their said steps and dosage will help you to regain that white teeth, you have been waiting for so long. Now, boost your self-confidence, once again.

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How To Deal With Dental Emergency Situation?

Dental emergency situations usually take away all the patience that you have. This is the time when you probably don’t understand what to do. It is really very important that you understand all the necessary options that you can use in emergency situation.

Dental Emergency

Like you need to know emergency treatment options for simple health problems related to your teeth.

Similarly, it is important that you understand all about necessary dental options. If you want to make sure that you do your best to deal with emergency dental situations then here I am sharing with you some of the most common things that will help you to get proper knowledge of emergency dental treatment at your home.

  • Rinse your mouth properly and carefully. It is necessary that you rinse your mouth with mild temperature water which is mixed with mild salt. This will help you to keep your mouth clean without causing pain.
  • If there is some bleeding on the dental area then it is better that you use moistened tea bag or gauze to stop the bleeding. This will work very efficiently and you would be able to handle bleeding quite efficiently until you get actual treatment for dental emergency.
  • If you have bleeding as well as pain and if you want to get rid of bleeding without causing more pain then the easiest and most efficient way to do this is to hold a clean and cold compress. It should be outside of your mouth and directed to the affected area. If you will do this for 5 to 10 minutes then it will definitely give you great relief.

These are the simple things that you can do but if you don’t get any relief from these options then it is mandatory for you to give your preference to the dentist. You need to understand that these are only dental emergency situation handling options and you will still need to get the advice of your dentist for complete relief.

So don’t delay unnecessarily on the basis of home based treatments only. Visit the urgence dentaire laval immediately to get best and instant treatment of your dental problem. This will help you to get best relief and you can take the advice of your dentist so that you can get some prescription regarding emergency situations and dental pain.

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Advantages of Using Teeth Whitening Pens

A great smile is dependent on white, clean teeth. So how do we achieve pearly white teeth? There is an option of tooth whitening. Tooth whitening is the process of making teeth appears whiter by removing stains and discoloration. This process of whitening teeth may be done by various methods.

Using teeth whitening pens is one good way which is getting much popular these days especially for first-time bleaching. The main advantage of using teeth whitening pen for whitening your teeth is it is really easy to use as well as very easy to carry. You can simply  keep it in your pocket and use it whenever you want.

You can use these pens anywhere as these are not place specific, that means you can even use it while going to your office or just before a presentation.

The price of these teeth whitening pens is also quite reasonable. You can get these pen at your own budget without affecting your pocket greatly.

The best thing about using these pens is that unlike other teeth whitening product you don’t need to use it several times in a day. It takes very less time to be use. Using twice in a day is more than enough for you.

Using Your Teeth Whitening Pen

Using teeth whitening pen includes certain steps to follow. First of all you need to wash and dry your teeth completely. Now rotate the bottom of the teeth whitening pen so that the gel is dispensed out from the opposite side. Apply this gel directly on your teeth and avoid the contact of lips from teeth of about 1 minute.

Do not rinse your mouth for about one hour. Also it is not allowed to eat or drink anything for about one hour. After that you can rinse your mouth and see the difference in your smile. You can repeat the steps every 10 minutes for about 1 hour for getting the better results.

You can use these whitening pen during day or at night as per your convenience. The best thing is that you can get immediate view-able results after trying this method.

Buying Teeth Whitening Pen

Besides all the advantages you should always keep some factors in your mind while buying a teeth whitening pen. This is really important. Buy those products which will not only the pocket friendly one but also with longevity. There are some products in market which can be used up to thirty five times.

There are few products which can be absorbed within sixty seconds. Get the product which is needed for you. Always try to get those products which can give you the maximum result with a minimum quantity.

By using teeth whitening pen you can make your smile nicer with a minimum amount of time, so go get your teeth whitening pen and keep smiling all the time with a white set of teeth.

Author bio: Author is a passionate health writer who writes for numerous health websites and blogs. He recommends checking out Dental Clinic Maroubra  for treating all your dental issues. They are reliable most and provides all types of dental services at an affordable price.

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